V Loved FAQs

About V Loved

What made you choose V Loved as the title?

Riku: Actually it came to me randomly while writing notes about how I wanted to create this story. It has not been officially announced yet and I am still working on the final character designs, but the CEO of the model agency's last name is "Valentine." I wanted to go with something that meant love and passion I did not wish to just write Beloved, so I mix the CEO's first letter of his last name to make it more unique.

What was your inspiration to create this original series?

Riku: I've always wanted to create something new that I could call "mine." It might sound ambitious, but since I've created this studio, I've been very determined to make it known for something original and unique.

I know that it would be easier for me to grow making fan-art, but the real challenge for me is trying to create something that you had to envision by yourself or with a small group of people.

Please don't misunderstand my words. I love fan-art and I'm a very passionate person when it comes to supporting and buying it from other artists. Our very own studio started by solely creating fan-art.

Personally, I was seeking a much bigger challenge which deeply inspired me to push this original project. I won't say it's easy and I won't say there were no rough bumps along the way. It is hard to create something and hope that others will love it as much as you do. I've read hundreds of original BL manga, manhwa, and more. Seeing so many artists that have created something beautiful with their own ideas is the most inspiring thing to me.

How big of a plot is there?

Riku: There is actually a big plot behind this series, including the human world and the Yokai world. While this is an R18 BL series, I also wish to tell a more in-depth story about the differences in both worlds, the struggles, the challenges, and how love is not an easy thing to obtain or nurture.

While the chibi adaptation will stay cute, happy, and fun, my ideal adult version is much more serious and contains a lot of adult themes.

About The Characters

Is there a meaning behind the main character names?

Riku: The main character of V Loved is Kaito. To be honest, I had a few names on my list, but Kaito has always been on the top because I like the meaning behind it. Depending on how the Kanji is written, it can mean "Sea, Ocean; Soar, Fly." I love words that mean freedom.

Kaito is free-spirited and passionate, not allowing himself to ever give up even when everything is against him. He won't allow himself to be restrained or feel like there are limits. He is always up for a challenge and becoming part of the agency was his way to create that challenge in his new life.

Yue is the second main character of V Loved and he is actually the opposite of Kaito. He is quiet, reserved, elegant, and represents beauty. His name is inspired by the Chinese characters 'Moon'. He likes order and organization. For him, it was a big challenge to be part of the agency as he isn't the kind of person who would show his sexual side so openly. His main motivation for joining the agency was his gratitude towards the CEO.

Shiroki & Kuroki are twins born from one soul that split into two as they entered the human world for the first time. This split both their personalities and their appearance. While they may look younger than most of the Yokai in the world, they are actually much older than Kaito and Yue. Both twins are full of individual secrets, even hiding things from one another.

While it does sound a bit cliche going with the 'black and white' meaning of their names, it was the best representation for Yin and Yang. For those that might not realize right away, Shiroki is the darker version of their souls while Kuroki is the lighter version. Although they are polar opposites, there is much more hidden behind their appearances.

Will you be adding more characters?

Riku: Yes! There is actually a lot of other characters that have not even made an appearance or have been mentioned for this story! My hopes are that our studio is able to grow over time more and I am able to save enough funds to expand the characters and story of this series. Thank you to everyone who has supported this original story so far and I hope I am able to bring you much more in the near future.

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